Various activities were conducted during the session.

    1. Drawing and Painting skill development activities .
    2. Observation (Visual elements) skill development activities.                
    3. Group activities - Craft & Designing.


This year in the month of April class 9th students were engaged in making wall painting & design. They painted Maps of C.G. & India on the walls of admin block while decorative designs were made in the front floor of admin block.

Decoration and Designing During School Prog/Celebration

Students are engaged to decorate Vidyalaya M.P.Hall and stage for the celebrations and during various functions of Vidyalaya.


During the session students participated in the following art competitions:- 

1. Inspirational Poster Designing on . 03 students received certificate under MENTION category. 

2. Clint Memorial International Painting Competition organised by Kerela Tourism, Govt of Kerela. Ku. Megha Ohdar of class VIIIth received consolation Prize for her painting. 

3. National level Painting Competition of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Two students selected for State Level Contest at Raipur. 

4. National Unity Day Art competition at Vidyalaya Level on 31.10.2014. 

5. NVS and NFCH ( national Foundation for Communal Harmony) Art Contest at Cluster level on 06.09.2014. 

6. Cluster Level Poster Designing Competition on 30.11.204. Two best Paintings were sent to JNV Raipur. 

7. Greeting Card Designing competition at Vidyalaya Level on 30.12.2014.


Vidyalaya collaborated with some International Schools and organise Inspirational Poster Designing activities through Through the programme, students are encourage to make Poster on the given theme by seeing the problems in their sorroundings and find the solution. In this collaborative activities, each Country schools has been given freedom to create posters they want. Then 10 Best entries are selected from each country and in the final evaluation, Best entries are rewarded and displayed on the website. This year the topic is - “THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH” At present schools of Romania, Indonesia, Latvia and India are the members of the programme. Other Schools can also partipate in this programme through their website -


In the session 2015-2016 following students got prizes and certicicate for their achievements in the field of Visual Arts.

1. Ma. Gyanendra Surya of Class IXth A Participated at State Level Competition of BEE National Art Competition on 23.10.2015 at PFC, Raipur and received Certificate, Medal, Gifts and Cash.

2. Ma. Vinay Verma of Class XB received 3rd Prize for his SUPW Model - "Utilization of pet plastic bottles" at JNV Kanpur (U.P.) form 15 - 16th September 2016. He was selected at Vidyalaya Level competitions on 30th July & represented vidyalaya at Cluster Level (JNV Korba - 24-26th July2016) and also at Regional Level at JNV Jajpur (Odisha) .

Please visit YouTube for have a lokk of his work -

3. Ma. Sujeet Kumar Dhiraj of class XI A received 3rd prize at Cluster Level of NVS & NFCH art competition held at JNV Bilaspur on 03.10.2015.

4. Ma. Aditya Pandey , Ma. Abhishek Pandey & Ma. Vinay Verma of Class XA participated at Distt. Level competitions for "BAL SHREE SAMMAN" on 23rd September 2015 at SECL, Bilaspur & dot first position. Then they participated at State Level Selection at ZINDAL STEEL, BAL BHAWAN, Raigarh on 01.11.2015.

5. Ma. Gyanendra Surya - IXth, Ku. Preeti Sahu - VIIIth & Ma. Priyanshu Nirnejak - VIIIth participated at Vidyalaya Level "CONSTITUTION DAY ART COMPT." on 26.11.2015 and received 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize respectively.

6. Ma. Vinay Verma -  XB, 1st position, Ma. Priyanshu Nirnejak - VIII A 1st position & Ma. Ankit Kumar - VIII A 2nd position at Vidlaya Level AEP Poster Designing Competition held on 28.11.2015.

7. Ma. Sujeet Dhiraj of class XI A received 1st Prize at State Level ART Competiton organised by C.G.STATE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION  At JNV RAJNANDGAON on 01.01.2016.


Photo Gallery Art Gallery VIP Visit


Museum Corner was inaugurated by former Hon'ble SDM Bilaspur Ms. Divya Mishra on 13.01.2003.

As per guidelines of NVS New Delhi, museum corner had been established in Vidyalaya. The objective of establishing museum corner in JNV is to establish close contact with the past thereby weaving the threads of cultural heritage. So that children appreciate them by seeing the replicas, famous antique pieces in their own School. 

At present Vidyalaya museum has the following collections:- 

  1. Set of Harappa Art 
  2. Indian Sculpture through ages 
  3. Indian miniature painting 
  4. Indian coinage & stamps 
  5. Local objects of Indian art and Culture 
  6. Historical objects of Malhar excavation 
  7. Art & craft works made by Vidyalaya Students.


List of Museum Items :-            

  1. Baster Art.
  2. Trimurty ( Elephant).
  3. Ganesh. 
  4. Lady Figure.              
  5. Mask (Clay).              
  6. Ghanti (Metal).              
  7. Jute Hanging.
  8. Aish Tray ( Terracotta).
  9. Flute ( wood ).
  10. Iron Lady ( Iron Metal ).
  11. Harihar Udhav ( Plaster of Paris ).
  12. Skshitwan ( Plaster of Paris ).
  13. Budha Padmasana ( Plaster of Paris ).
  14. Budha Head ( Plaster of Paris ).
  15. Vishnu Head ( Plaster of Paris ).

Photo Gallery Art Gallery VIP Visit